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New Ronin security upgrades: Node Validators and Private Key

Last March 2022, Ronin experienced the most terrifying security breach of its history, being exploited for over $600M value in USDC and Ethereum, forcing Ronin to shut down the Katana Dex for several weeks.

Ronin’s newsletter announcement

This unsettling case has shaken the entire Play 2 Earn games community, who have demanded more security for their savings within the Ronin ecosystem. Due to this, the team behind Ronin’s Chain has started to study ways of improving the security of all different processes to avoid any other kind of dramatic events.

Ronin additional validators

Last April 5, Ronin announced through his official newsletter new partners to add additional protection through validator nodes. According to Ronin’s team:

“Last week’s security breach has served as a potent reminder of the importance of truly distributed networks. We have considerable long-term ambitions for Ronin. We believe that engaging you all (and others) more directly to collectively secure and oversee the network is a fundamental prerequisite for security and scale.  We are accelerating that process, and want your input on next steps.”

In order to accomplish this, they look forward to adding 21 independent validator nodes during the next three months. Adding 5 independent organizations to the validator pool (listed below) throughout this week and evolving their current source code with new features, such as withdrawal limits and governance functions.

Among the 5 organizations that are going to form part of the new validator pool we find the following:

  • Delphi Digital
  • Animoca Brands
  • Dialectic
  • Nansen
  • Stable Node

Private Key and Ledger Support

Furthermore, during the last hours, Ronin announced on Twitter a new instant update for their plug-in wallet (here you will find about how to install it), with two new additional features:

  • Private Key: Now users will be able to import one private key to their Ronin Wallets.
  • Ledger Support: Users will also be able to use the Ledger Hardware wallet with the Ronin Chrome extension.

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