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Axie Infinity: New metaverse updates revealed

After becoming the most played and supported Play 2 Earn game throughout the entire ecosystem, Sky Mavis has begun to set its sights on their Axie metaverse vision, where users would be able to create, own, and trade.

Last 11th of April, Axie Infinity broadcast through their official Twitch channel an introduction about their ideas regarding lands and metaverse, headed by Zyori and Phil LA (Both part of Axie development team).

Possibilities of the Axie Metaverse

According to Zyori, the Axie Infinity team has been working in the metaverse for several months, and some of the core features that the development team is currently planning are the following:

  • Collect resources: which can be obtained in different ways, by cultivation, recollection, and other features that have not been defined yet.
  • Construct: users will be able to construct buildings, which will give benefits to acquiring other materials for the Axie metaverse.
  • Elaborate instruments: through collecting different materials.
  • Users trade: allowing users to buy and sell tailored objects and resources.
  • External trade: also allowing users to trade with NFT objects in external markets.

Other points mentioned during the retransmission were the possibility of considering a PFP (Profile picture) collection of Axie Infinity, free lands, and jobs within the metaverse.

Community reaction

Yesterday, April 11, the Axie community expressed its rejection through Twitter of one possible new lands feature: landowners might have active and exclusive benefits that the rest of the community would lack.

Following the controversy generated against this measure, the Axie Infinity team published a series of tweets expressing that they are taking into account the opinions of the community and will possibly reward their users in another way.

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