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How to start on Axie Infinity step by step

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity, created by Sky Mavis, is the most popular play-to-earn game throughout the crypto and blockchain ecosystem.

Originally inspired on Pokemon, players buy and play in the game with Axies, characters owned in the form of NFT’s. With these creatures, users can face other players in battles, earning crypto rewards for their performance.

Does it sound interesting? Let’s take a look at how to get started step by step:

1. Set up a Metamask Wallet:

metamask walletThe very first thing that you will need to get started on Axie is setting up a Metamask wallet, which will let you pay and transfer ETH for the marketplace.

To set it up, first go into metamask.io and download the extension on your browser. Open the Plug-In extension and follow the instructions to create an account.

metamask wallet account

Done? Great, now you are ready to create a Ronin wallet:

2. Create a Ronin Wallet

Now you’ll need to create a Ronin Wallet, which will be needed to make transactions within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

To create it, install the Ronin extension on your browser and click on get started.

Ronin Wallet plugin

Then, set up an account following the steps. You will need to create a password (8 characters minimum) and to write down your seed phrase, filling up the required spaces.

Ronin account seed phrase

You now have a Ronin wallet. Click on the browser extension to check it.

Ronin & Metamask plugins on Google Chrome

3. Create an Axie Account and link your Metamask wallet

Time to explore the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Go into https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/login/ and click on login with Ronin Wallet.

Axie Marketplace login screen

If you have your Ronin extension properly installed, a pop-up will appear asking for confirmation to login. Click on confirm.

Axie Password configuration banner

Then, you will find a banner alert to set up the email & password of your Axie Infinity account. Click on it, set up both and type down the verifying code that will be sent to your email.

Once your email is confirmed, you’ll need to link your Metamask wallet to the Axie account. Go to the Account Settings menu and click on attach Metamask. Some more pop-ups will appear to confirm the attachment, and by completing them you’ll link your Metamask wallet to the Axie Account.

Metamask attach on Axie Marketplace account

Finally you are able to dig into the Axie Marketplace and buy your first Axies. Remember that you need three of them to start!


4. Download the game on your phone

Do you have your Axies ready? Nice! Let’s download the game.

Open your phone and type axieinfinity.com on your browser. There, click on the three lines located in the top-rightpart, and then tap on the play now banner.

Play now downloading banner There, you’ll be reallocated to the welcome Sky Mavis page, where you’ll have to click on get started and press next till step 4, where the different device downloading options will appear. Click on yours and install the app.

After installing and running the APK, you’ll need one last step to start playing: scan your QR code.

Phone login Axie

To access it, go into your marketplaceaccount and click on show QR. Then, go back to your phone and Scan the QR of your screen (or rather take a screenshot and use it if you opened your account using your phone).

5. Download Tacter Axie

Now you have everything ready to start playing Axie Infinity. Although, it’s a tough game: complex mechanics, dozens of cards, live stats… a newcomer will need way too many hours to master it without any help. Fortunately, we have the solution: Tacter for Axie Infinity.

Go into the Play Store and download Tacter for Axie. There, you’ll find some tools that will definitely help you to master your Axie Infinity gameplay during your journey as a player, especially at the very beginning. In the app, you’ll find the following:

  1. Player Profile: a single space to check and track your most relevant stats as an Axie player.
  2. Cards Explorer: aka “The Axiepedia”, List of all Axie Cards with their current in-game stats (class, part, type, effect, energy, damage, and shield) and their description. Extremely useful for beginners who are just discovering the Axie cards catalogue.
  3. Energy Calculator Overlay: An overlay displayed within an Axie game that will let you count your enemy’s energy with ease.
  4. Damage Calculator Overlay: Another overlay to use during an Axie battle that will let you check what exact damage can your combos make before using them.

Now you have all what you need to win at Axie Infinity. Good luck and see you at Lunacia!

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Part of the Tacter App team, Nacho is a passionate gamer with keen interest in the P2E and Blockchain ecosystem.