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Axie Origin Alpha is live: How to Install it

After announcing the launch of a new Axie Infinity battles revamp a couple of months ago, Axie Origin Alpha is finally live for everyone. During the Alpha, players will be able to try out all the new updates and provide feedback to help Sky Mavis to fine-tune the final details until the official release date. Also, for the first time in Axie history, newcomers will be able to try the game without having the need of owning NFT’s nor scholarships, but just using the three new starters for free.

In this post, we will see how to install Axie Origin and try the new Alpha, whether you have played Axie before or not.

1. Set up an Axie account and download the Sky Mavis Hub

Step to download Sky Mavis Hub

To go through this step you will first need a Ronin and an Axie Infinity account. If you are new into this, check out this post where we explain both steps in-depth: How to start on Axie Infinity

Then, go to https://welcome.skymavis.com/download/ and click on download Sky Mavis Hub on your desktop.

IMPORTANT: Axie Infinity Origin is only available on Desktop at the moment. Sky Mavis has not confirmed yet the launch date for the mobile version.

2. Open the Sky Mavis Hub and download Axie Origin

Once installed, open the Sky Mavis Hub on your Desktop. There, you will find 3 icons on the left: Axie Infinity, Axie Origin, and Project L (coming soon). Click into Axie Origin and install it (should require 119.2 MB).

Sky Mavis Hub

3. Sync your Axies and playing Arena

In order to Sync your previous Axies you will need to go through the tutorial first, where you will be able to try for the first time the three new starters! Once done, you will be able to go into the Team menu and create your own at your glance.

In order to play arena against other players, you will need to reach first level 3 playing adventure. It won’t cost you much 🙂

See you at Lunacia!

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