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How to count energy on Axie Infinity

Counting energy is one of the most decisive mechanics to win games at Axie Infinity. Today, we will dive deep into it and see how can we manage it in the best way to optimize our MMR and boost our gameplay:

How energy works in Axie :

At the beginning of each Arena battle, players start with 3 energy and then receive 2 additional every new turn. Every card has an energy cost, and cards can be used as long as the sum of the energy required by each of them doesn’t exceed the energy accumulated by the player.

Spying your enemy:

Besides managing your own energy, it’s also key to track your enemy’s remaining energy to know their potential damage using his cards in the current round. Knowing this, you could adapt your round decisions to minimize risk.

Let’s see a real game example…

Imagine that you were on an Arena game. Your plant died first and they have their bird ready to kill your beast. However, you were counting energy and you knew they only have 2 left and would need a crit to kill your beast, so you play the beast cards to kill their plant.

You may find yourself in this situation, and therefore an obvious question arises: how could I track my enemy’s energy? Tacter is the easiest way to do it! Let’s see how:

How to count your enemy’s energy with Tacter

1. Install the app

First and foremost, download Tacter for Axie into your Android OS device. You can either just type “Tacter Axie” in Google Play or click on this link: https://tacter-axie.app.link/

2. Authorize display settings

Once Tacter is installed and ready to use, open the app and go into the Energy Calculator screen. There, you’ll need to click on the gold icon of the top-right, which will take you into display permissions settings on Android. Then, search for Tacter and authorize to allow displaying the overlay calculator over other apps. Once you’re finished, just click again on the gold icon and go into the Axie App. You’re almost ready to win some MMR!


3. Use the calculator inside the Axie App

Now you’re ready to go into an Axie Game: go open Axie on Android, and start a game in either Arena or Adventure. Now, check that the overlay still appears on the left of the screen, and input manually the following events:

  • Energy Used: After every turn, add the energy that your enemy used taking into account which was the energy cost of each card.
  • Energy Destroyed: After destroying or stealing enemy energy with one of your cards, add it to the counter.
  • Energy Gained: If your enemy steals or gains additional energy, add it to the counter.
  • Reset Round: In every round, your opponent will gain 2 additional energy. Click on a new round every time a round ends.

After making these inputs you’ll be able to easily check the remaining energy of your enemy in the top right part of the calculator. With this information you’ll be aware of your opponent’s damage potential just by looking at his cards, being able to make more optimal decisions in order to win the game.



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