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Axie Infinity Origin gameplay

Everything you need to know about Axie Origin (Battle V3)


What is Axie Origin? (Battle V3)

Axie Infinity Origin is the newest addition to Axie, a complete revamp that will change the game as we know it forever. It was officially announced by Sky Mavis during the past month of February and will bring changes related to visuals, mechanics, Axies and more.

When it’s going to be released

According to Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity team is pushing hard to launch the Alpha version of Axie Origin for the final days of Q1 2022, which would mean the end of March. However, they also claim that since many different parts are involved in this game it could experience some unforeseen delays.

Axie Origin will start its launch with an Alpha phase, where players will try it out to provide feedback prior to the official launch. Any SLP or AXS rewards will be active and all the Alphas accounts will experience a reset for the official launch.

Then, after the Alpha phase, Season 0 of Axie Origin will start. Sky Mavis original idea is to shut down Axie Battle V2 and transition the SLP earning to Battle V3.

Starters and Axies. ¿Will I be able to use my current Axies in Origin?

Fortunately, every player will be able to use the Axies they own in Origin. According to Sky Mavis: “Your Axies are a ticket to all future experiences built in the Axie universe!”.

Furthermore, a new mechanic will appear for Axie Infinity newcomers: Axie Trainers. Now, every user will be able to use any of the three Axie starter options for free, which are not NFT’s and can’t be used to earn SLP. We already know the name of two of them: Olek (Green) and Buba (Orange)


Gameplay Updates

Axie Battle V3 will bring many new game mechanics to both Arena and Adventure:

  • Sequential turns: Now players will use their cards immediately as they use them, instead of planning upfront in the beginning of the turn.
  • Reset Energy & Cards: Unused Energy and Cards will no longer accumulate across turns by default
  • Cards changes: New cards will arrive to Axie for Battle V3.
  • New parts: Eyes and Ears will be added to the previous 4 parts, leaving a total of 6.
  • Runes & Charms: Axies will be buffed and powered up using new Runes & Charms, which must be equipped to them prior to starting the game.
  • Rage effect: Random critical hits will be replaced by Rage, which Axies accumulate during the battle to canalize it into a powered-up attack.

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