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How to create Scholar accounts on Axie Infinity

Scholarships are one of the most common ways to use NFTs in the Axie Infinity world, being a good opportunity to generate passive income without the need of playing the game by yourself. To do this, you will need to:

  1. Have an Axie free to use or buy it.
  2. Find a Scholar.
  3. Share the SLP cut with the Scholar.

Right now, Axie Origin & Battles V3 seems like could be another good opportunity to reactivate the scholarship ecosystem and reactivate the game after the Ronin chain security breach a few weeks ago. If you want to know further from Axie Origin, here is everything that you need to know about it.

Now, we will see how users can manage it to create Scholar accounts with ease without risking your Axies.

Steps to create a Scholar account

1. Create a new Ronin account in your wallet

Click on "+ Create Account"
Click on “+ Create Account”

Simply go into your Ronin wallet plugin on your browser (in this post you will find how to install it), and click on your account settings. There, click on create an account and write a name for it (Scholarship 1 for instance).

2. Setup the mail in the marketplace account

Login with Ronin option on the Axie Infinity Marketplace

Go into the https://marketplace.axieinfinity.com/login/ and click on login with Ronin Wallet. Once in, go to set up email and password.

Here, you will need one email to link the account. PRO-tip: In case you have more than one scholar, you don’t need to create more than one email for each account. Just register a Gmail (Google) direction, and add a +1, +2, and so on before the @. One example: if the original email name is scholar@gmail.com, the next one could be scholar+1@gmail.com. You will be able to use this two in different accounts while receiving all the emails from the second one in the original mail direction.

Then, don’t forget to verify the email to activate the account.

3. Transfer your Axies to the Scholar account

Now, it’s time to transfer the Axies that you want to leverage from in the scholarship to the new account that you just created.

Gift Axie button

To do so, click into your Axie on your original marketplace account and search for “gift”. Then, put the Ronin address of the Ronin scholar account that you verified a few moments ago and click on gift. It’s done! However, your scholar won’t be able to win SLPs with this Axie until 24 hours after being gifted. Note that.

Then, give both the email (with the +number) and the password of the Axie Marketplace account to your Scholar, so he can play on both mobile and PC. Your account will be safe since he will need email validation to make any transaction within it.

4. How to improve your scholar’s performance and track it

One great way to keep track of your Scholar is using Tacter Axie, the leading mobile tool for Axie Infinity.

Click here and download Tacter Axie for free

After installing it, go into the home page and tap any of the Axies ID of your new Scholar. After finding it, you will start to track his SLP earns information from now on. Click on the star icon located at the top right to save the profile on your Tacter’s home page and come back after a few days. You will be able to track with ease how your scholar is performing on your phone!

Further from this, your scholars can also benefit from Tacter reducing the on-boarding time to fully understand the game and get the best out of your Axies, with tools that will help them win more consistently as the damage calculator overlay, the energy overlay, and the cards explorer.

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