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Axie Origin New Arena Modes

Axie Origin Alpha was released the past 6th of April, letting Axie fans throughout the world start testing the Battle V3 system, and for the first time, playing Axie for free with the new starters. If you don’t know how to get Axie Origin, we have a post explaining how in three easy steps: How to install Axie Origin.

Besides all the updates related to gameplay (runes, charms, cards, visuals, etc…), one of the major and most interesting changes that Sky Mavis is bringing with Axie Origin is the new configuration of Arena PVP, which bring new systems not seen before in the game. This will open a new world of possibilities for players, having different purposes and even holding several gameplay differences.

Arena modes

Within the Arena mode, now we will have three options: practice, rankeds, and tournaments.

Practice mode

As the name says, practice mode is exclusively made to let players have a safe space where they can practice without any risk. Also, players will be able to play an unlimited amount of hours a day, without any need to care about energy. Since it will have no leaderboards or ranking, the only thing that practice games will give to the players is 1 EXP per game (whether they win or lose).

About the gameplay system, it will have the following peculiarities:

  • Play order will be determined randomly, and players who start in the second place will receive an extra 1 energy card.
  • Turns will last for 45 seconds.
  • If a player is inactive for two turns in a row, a 10 seconds countdown will start forcing him to become active again or will  lose the match automatically.

Ranked Mode

In contrast to practice mode, rankeds will be the “tryharding queue” of Axie Infinity arena games. It will have a ranking system,  with 8 different ranks:
Axie Origin new Ranks


To climb through these ranks, players will need to collect victory stars by winning ranked games. To promote from your current rank to the next one, you will need a specific number of victory stats depending on your tier. From now on, only Challenger Sphere players will be able to appear on the leaderboards, which is considered the next step from Dragon, the highest rank without counting challenger.

Further, if you have 0 victory stars and you lose a game, you’ll automatically get demoted to the rank before. At the start of the new season, every player will start at the egg rank (lowest) with 0 victory stars, needing to climb throughout the entire ladder to reach the leaderboards.

Likewise, players will have the opportunity to obtain bonus victory stars for each win in one of the following cases:

  • Reaching a winning streak of at least 3 victories
  • Finishing a previous season at a higher rank

Also, two new stats will impact the earning potential of players: Stamina and Ronin Spirit.


About Stamina, each ranked will cost every player one of them. The initial amount of Stamina will be determined by the number of Axies owned by the player, with a maximum of 60. The formula to calculate the stamina is the following:

Stamina = 0,5 x Number of starter Axies + 3 x Number of personal Axies

Once the stamina is gone, players will be able to keep playing Axie but with no chance of getting rewarded by Ronin’s spirit.

Ronin Spirit

Ronin’s Spirit determines how much SLP you can win from battles. The level of Ronin Spirit will only depend on one thing: your number of personal Axies. Hence, you won’t be able to win any SLP with the new Axie Origin starters.

Tournament mode

Last but not least, Axie Origin will count with one new mode that will let players participate in tournaments within the client. However, they are not planned to start until the end of Axie Origin Alpha.

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