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New Axie Land gameplay teaser: What is Project K?

Last Apr 10, Ziyori (part of the Axie development team), headed an official stream where they announced some important updates regarding Axie lands, one of the major Sky Infinity projects to build their metaverse ecosystem.

Just a few days after this, Axie Infinity revealed a world premier through their official communication channels: the first gameplay ever of Project K.

But first of all, what is exactly project K?

Project K

As mentioned before, Project K is one of the most ambitious projects that Axie Infinity is working on at the moment, being their own approach to start building around the Axie metaverse. This project is also known as “Axie Lands”.

The first initial land that belongs to this project was sold 2 years ago, in January 2019. Since this, the hype around the project has only increased. According to the Axie Infinity team, Project K is expected to be launched around the end of this year, 2022.

Their roadmap to launch this project consists of three main phases:

  1. Building and resource production
  2. Skill trees, jobs and social activities
  3. Group gameplay as conquest and large scale battles

Gameplay Teaser

And finally, to the community’s delight, new teaser gameplay of Axie Lands was announced last April 15, giving all the Axie fans a real taste of how it will feel playing project K.

The teaser illustrates some of the most basic mechanics that Axie Lands will bring. We see our land, with few Axies that can be assigned to do tasks, such as harvesting/collecting resources, producing them, and even crafting between to produce other high-level items.

About the interface, the teaser shows an upper bar in the center to keep track of the collected resources, a map in the upper right part, and a low centered bar to keep track of your Axies status and their current assigned tasks.

At the moment, this is all the information that the Axie Infinity team has provided about Project K to the Axie Community. Stay tuned to keep informed about the next reveals!

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