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Axie Origin First Gameplay Trailer

Axie Infinity Origin: new Launch Date & first Gameplay Trailer

Axie Infinity Origin is the newest addition to Axie, a complete revamp that will change the game as we know it forever. If you are still not clear about what exactly is, here you have everything that you need to know about Axie Origin (Battles V3).

New launch date: April 7

Axie Infinity Origin was planned to be released during the final days of Q1 2022 (31 of March at last), but due to the huge security issues that Ronin Chain is experiencing lately, where a hacker made off with $600M value in crypto, the Axie team has decided to postpone the Alpha launch for 1 week, until April 7.

Axie Origin Launch Week

To offset the delay caused by the security breach, Sky Mavis has prepared a Launch Week with special events, giveaways, and announcements to seed the hype for the Axie Origin release.

Axie Origin events that make up the Launch Week
Events related to Axie Origin that make up the launch week

First Gameplay Trailer

As the first action planned to spread the hype of Axie Origin, the first official Gameplay Trailer was launched on Wednesday, March 30. In it, we can see new artworks, unknown gameplay details, monsters sneak peeks, a snapshot of the new lobby, and much more!

Also, during this week more events are planned to take place, as:

  • A launch contest where the community will be able to participate through cosplays, Twitter threads, and Axie fan designs.
  • Exclusive streams with brand new details about runes by Brycent, Rojan, Kmanu and more.
  • New Arena mode guide presentation.

Big things coming to Lunacia, stay tuned!

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